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HUBZone Headquarters Inc. specializes in high-quality management consulting, engineering, and IT consulting services within the US government and NATO marketplace. In addition, we also specialize in DOTMLPFI capability development gap analysis, requirements management, strategic training and engagement support, exercise planning, NAFv4 capability and enterprise architecture development, and full stack agile development and agile project management. We are a trusted provider of IT and classified services to NATO, Army, and Navy clients.

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MANAGEMENT & IT Consulting

HUBZone Headquarters, Inc. has been a trusted provider of innovative solutions in a full range of management consulting services including financial planning and budgeting, records management, strategic and organizational planning, site selection, business process improvement, and Information Technology (IT) and classified capability development services to NATO in both the US and EU for over 10 years. Our company has several decades of combined NATO experience working at HQ SACT, and we bring that wealth of NATO-specific knowledge to every new contract we are awarded.

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JCIDS / DOTMLPFI Capability Development

HUBZone Headquarters, Inc. has provided JCIDS / DOTMLPFI capability development services to HQ SACT in Norfolk, VA since 2012 to include Joint, Land, and Maritime C2, NATO’s Consultation, Command and Control (C3) Taxonomy, Communications & Information Systems (CIS), Core Communications, Deployable CIS (DCIS), Wireless Communications, SATCOM, Electronic Warfare (EW) and Information Environment Assessment (IEA).

Nuclear Consultation Command and Control (NC3)

HUBZone Headquarters, Inc. offers expert support for Nuclear C3 including requirements definition, concepts and experimentation, dependencies, and interoperability verification in order to plan, task, execute, and assess military operations in the Nuclear domain. We currently have multiple NC3 contracts with HQ SACT and provide experts supporting research, data analysis, and the development of deliverables to produce holistic study reports.

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Surface Maintenance Engineering Support

HUBZone Headquarters, Inc. is a Prime Contractor on the Seaport NxG contract supporting the mission needs of the Department of the Navy with technical and engineering professional services to centralize surface ship life cycle maintenance engineering, class maintenance planning and management requirements to assist the Navy’s Surface Maintenance Engineering Program (SURFMEPP) in accomplishing its mission and objectives.

Full Stack Development

HUBZone Headquarters, Inc. has provided agile full-stack development services to the NATO Innovation Lab since 2019 and can provide these services to any defense organization. Our Full Stack Developers develop Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) following best industry Agile DevSecOps methods, with a strong focus on rapid, iterative delivery that meets customers’ requirements. Our developers have experience working on cross functional teams to conduct product-centric development on Software Intensive Products (SIPs) and produce work that is fully transparent and traceable through the utilization of modern Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CICD) toolsets.

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Strategic and Operational Command and Control (C2)

HUBZone Headquarters, Inc. offers extensive subject matter expertise in Strategic and Operational C2 and has been supporting NATO C2 for over 10 years. Our experts offer wide-ranging support including requirements definition, concepts and experimentation, dependencies, and interoperability verification in order to plan, task, execute, and assess military operations across a variety of C2 focus areas including Joint Multiple Domain C2, Air C2, Land C2, SOF C2, Maritime C2, Space C2, and Cyberspace C2.

Enterprise Architecture (EA) Development

HUBZone Headquarters, Inc.’s experts developed inputs for the NATO C3 Board Architecture Roadmap supporting the CIS Branch at ACT HQ in Norfolk, VA. We have created CIS Capability Architecture, from the source material and in accordance with relevant NATO standards, including NATO Enterprise Architecture Policy, NATO Architecture Framework Version 4 (NAFv4); and with application open standards including TOGAF and ArchiMate. The development of additional Joint and Land C2, Core Communications, and Deployable CIS capability architectures was achieved through consulting project / programme managers, operational users, business architects, system engineers, etc., within NATO commands and agencies to obtain the information necessary for analysis. The complexity and details of this architecture work has been summarized in a yearly CIS Enterprise Architecture Report.

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Integrated Air & Missile Defence (IAMD)

HUBZone Headquarters, Inc. supported NATO ACT’s Integrated Air & Missile Defence (IAMD) Programme team with Capability Package (CP) Coherence Analysts (Operational Systems Analysts) and Repository Experts, who helped to implement the Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) capability package and deliver the Battle Management Command, Control, Communication and Information (BMC3I) for the NATO Command Structure. Support included development and execution of an approach to conduct the analysis, based on requirements and functionalities planned for the Battle Management Command, Control, Communication and Information (BMC3I), for the assessment of the overall coherence of existing capability packages and tools dealing with BMD to address risks of duplication, potential gaps and opportunities for efficiency, and synergies in comparison with the BMD requirements.

Strategic Engagements and Training

HUBZone Headquarters, Inc. has extensive experience in providing strategic engagement and training support. We have successfully provided support to the planning, coordination, execution and evaluation of ACT strategic events (identified as high-level symposia, seminars, conferences and staff coordination, which lead to NAG / MC engagement) ensuring HQ SACT / Branch representation in accordance with the Warfare Development agenda and the Commander’s Objectives. They supported the Branch Head in maintaining the long-term continuity of engagement activity to provide coherence, follow-through, and alignment of output across the continuum of SACT’s strategic engagement. We have planned and conducted both in-person and remote training courses for NATO staff, as well as post-course support. We can offer experts who are able to quickly develop and conduct strategic training courses on an array of subjects, and experts who can support all types of strategic engagements.

GSA MAS (47QRAA-21-D-009Q):

General Services Administration (GSA) Multi-Award Schedule (MAS) Prime Contract: HUBZone Headquarters, Inc. was awarded a long-term governmentwide contract in 2021 which is good for a period of 20 years. We were awarded 49 Labor Categories, the details of which can be found on our GSA Capability Statement found here:


TIMOR SEA (July 13, 2015) The aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73) is underway in the Timor Sea in support of Talisman Sabre 2015. Talisman Sabre is a biennial exercise that provides an invaluable opportunity for nearly 30,000 U.S. and Australian Defence Forces to conduct operations in a combined, joint and interagency environment that will increase both countries' ability to plan and execute a full range of operations from combat missions to humanitarian assistance efforts. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Ricardo R. Guzman/Released)
Seaport NxG (N00178-19-D-7780):

Seaport-e Next Generation (Seaport-NxG): In 2018, HUBZone Headquarters, Inc. was awarded as a Prime Contractor for a 10-year period to support the mission needs of the Department of the Navy in the two major NxG categories of support: (1) engineering support services and (2) program management support services.


Allied Command Transformation Integrated Capabilities Support II (TACTICS II): In 2021, HUBZone Headquarters, Inc. was awarded several groups within contract as a Prime Contractor. This TACTICS II contract makes us readily accessible to support multiple subject areas through 2025. The groups we offer support to are Operational Command and Control (C2), Space and Cyberspace C2, Nuclear Consultation, Command, and Control (C3), and Future Operating Environment.

NATO iLab (IFIB-ACT-SACT-20-23):

NATO Innovation Lab (iLab): HUBZone Headquarters, Inc. has had a team of full stack developers, UI / UX designers and program managers working within the iLab since 2019. Our team are trusted members of the ACT Innovation Lab and follow agile methodology to develop required applications in incremental, user-centric fashion. The iLab team follows rapid development cycles, each resulting in a Minimum Viable Product, deployable in a sandbox environment, and demonstrable to end-users.

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ARL STEM (47QRAA-21-D-009Q):

Army Research Laboratory (ARL) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Prime Contract: In 2020, HUBZone Headquarters, Inc. was awarded an ARL STEM Prime Contract with a $25 million ceiling.